Mothing & Muntjacs

   Moth recording at Ladywalk appears to have always been a bit hit and miss. A lot of the trapping has occurred in the summer months, meaning an area of Ladywalk’s fauna is perhaps incomplete. There are records for the years 05,07,10 on the records page of this blog, totalling 349 species. A few more years records I think are floating around but I’m sure we can add to this list and get a fuller picture of the moth life at Ladywalk.

   So from this month onward David Eaton will be trapping on one night a month. Our first attempt was last night but from April, anyone is free to come down and take part in looking through the nights catch and learning a bit more. Dates will be posted on twitter (@ladywalknature) and we will meet at Sainsbury’s Hide at 7am!


   Last night, two traps were set up, one at Sainsbury’s and another around Angling Pools. Over night it was a bit breezy but it remained dry at least. Some interesting species were trapped.

Sainsbury’s – Diurnea fagella 2, Common Quaker 13, Hebrew Character 12, Clouded Drab 8, Small Quaker 3, Dotted Border 1, Engrailed 2, Herald 1, Oak Beauty 2, Chestnut 1. Total = 45

Angling Pools – Clouded Drab 9, Diurnea fagella 7, Common Quaker 20, Small Quaker 1, Oak Beauty 1, Hebrew Character 3, Yellow Horned Moth 1, Twin-spotted Quaker 1. Total = 43

Totals = 88 moths of 12 species.

   So a pretty good haul for March. Fantastic to see species like Herald again as well as Yellow Horned but you can’t beat an Oak Beauty. Superb markings and those massive antennae are incredible.

   As well as moth trapping, we’ve been spying on the wildlife with our new camera trap. Things were slow at first and it took a while to get used to the equipment but we have had some good footage lately. The muntjac love the cameras and the badgers have started to show as it’s warmed up. It would be nice to be able to build up a picture of badger life and try to gauge numbers and perhaps even identify individuals. Plenty more is evading the camera at the moment but we’ll get there. The real prize would be an otter on film. Click the links below to view through Youtube.

Muntjac No.1

Badger No.1