July Mothfest!

  A fantastic mothing morning at the reserve today. We were on site at 5am to trawl through the clouds of insect life in the traps. Rafts of micros and LBJ’s were interspersed with a gorgeous collection of photogenic specimens. Pretty highlights included multiples of Large Emerald, Bordered Beauty, White Satin Moth, Drinker, Buff Arches and Early Thorn. Rarer finds included the reedbed-dwelling Silky Wainscot (I can’t find any other Ladywalk records yet), our first Double Lobed in a couple of years at the reserve, Blackneck (another potential first) lured in from it’s foodplant – Tufted Vetch – that’s covering the marsh at the moment and most satisfyingly, a single Angle-striped Sallow (scarce in Warwickshire) after our 3 records last year. There was one we weren’t sure about, in the pics below, any ideas? Comments welcome.

  Early summer mornings in the woods are special at the moment. If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the Marsh Helleborines yet, there are still plenty in full flower in the clearing behind Hide B. Have a sit down amongst the orchids and bees and watch out for the resident Marsh & Willow Tits and maybe even Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.


Marsh Helleborine glade

 Species List

Early Thorn 6, Vapourer, Riband Wave 11, Poplar Grey 2, Common Footman 7+, Dingy Footman 9+, Buff Footman 3, White Satin Moth 2, Clouded Border 56+, Common Wave 1, Common White Wave 5, Small Fan-footed Wave 1, Buff-tip 6, Pebble Hook-tip 20, Brimstone 3, Scalloped Oak 2, Peppered Moth 1, Dunbar 17, Poplar Hawkmoth 5, Silver Y 3, Rivulet 1, Mother-of-Pearl 23+, Dingy Shears 36, Single-dotted Wave 5, Flame Carpet 1, July Highflyer 23, Large Yellow Underwing 10, Lesser Yellow Underwing 1, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 1, Bordered Beauty 2, Double Square Spot 29+, Swallow-tailed Moth 1, Snout 2, Fanfoot 1, Cabbage Moth 1, Dot Moth 3, Bird Cherry/Willow Ermines beyond number, Clay 3, Ingrailed Clay 1, Light Emerald 2, Large Emerald 2, Rustic 24+, Common Rustic 6, Smoky Wainscot 24, Silky Wainscot 1, Double Lobed 1, Crassa unitella 2, Brown China-mark 1, Dark Arches 2, Light Arches 3, Diamond-back Moth 2, Straw Dot 1, Small Magpie 3, Anania coronata 1,  Pale Prominent 1, Coxcomb Prominent 1, Pebble Prominent 1, Blackneck 1, Drinker 1, Buff Arches 2, Sandy Carpet 2, Large Twin-spot Carpet 4, Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 1, Marbled Minor agg. 6, Common Plume 1, Willow Beauty 2, Engrailed 1, Spectacle 1, Flame Shoulder 1, V Pug 1, Ochreous Pug 1, Double-striped Pug 1, Bright-line Brown-eye 4, Angle-striped Sallow 1, Setaceous Hebrew Character 1, Beautiful Hook-tip 1, Mottled Rustic 1, Short-cloaked 1, Ruddy Streak 1, Large Fruit-tree Tortrix 1, Argyresthia brockeella 2, Eudonia sp 30+, Hypsopygia glaucinalis 1, Dingy Shell 2, Marbled White Spot 1.

459 moths counted of 87 species but many, many micros sp. and numbers going unrecorded!