July Mothing & Orchid Walk

   The diversity is peaking now and there were a few surprises in the traps on Saturday morning. The highlight was probably the Lesser-spotted Pinion, a species which appears to be new to the reserve and feeds exclusively on elm species but we’re not sure of the whereabouts of any elms on the reserve as yet…The Brown-tail was a first for us too and an unexpected catch possibly up here in the midlands. The reserve’s moth records are patchy at best so we are definitely starting to fill the gaps, firstly a lovely, lilac-tinted Campion and 4 striking Phoenix. About 140 moth species have been recorded on the reserve so far this year from just one visit each month since March and there’s still plenty of time to go. A year list will go up on the records page shortly and I’ll start to tackle the entire reserve list after that. As for pretty moths, the Bordered Beauties were stunning, there were a good number of Canary-shouldered Thorns,  two beautiful Buff Arches and a few small but smart Carcina quercana.

   Moving on from moths, this Wednesday there is a guided Orchid Walk led by Tame Valley Wetlands taking place at the reserve from 10:00 – 12:30. Marsh Helleborines of the rare ochroleuca variety are the reserve’s speciality and swathes of them flower in the woodland clearings near the new B Hide. Hopefully other marsh orchids will be on show too and the marsh at the moment is an explosion of colour from Purple Loosestrife, Meadowsweet, Water Mint and Forget-me-nots so you will not be disappointed. Click the link to learn more. Orchid Walk Tickets

Species List;

Carcina quercana 3, Buff Arches 2, Pebble Hook-tip 2, Dingy Footman 21, Scarce Footman 2, Common Footman 2, Dun-bar 2, Clouded Border 9, Mother-of-Pearl 11, Sandy Carpet 1, Canary-shouldered Thorn 7, Early Thorn 2, Elephant Hawk Moth 1, White-shouldered House Moth 3, Pale Prominent 6, Small Dotted Wave 1, Cream Wave 1, Riband Wave 2,  Small Fan-footed Wave 5, Common Wave 1, Willow Beauty 1, Large Yellow Underwing 25, Lesser Yellow Underwing 1, Copper Underwing 1, Bird Cherry Ermine 3, Engrailed 1, Bordered Beauty 2, Silver Y 3, Double Square-spot 4, A. goedartella 1, Anacampsis sp. 1, Swallow Prominent 2, Lesser-spotted Pinion 1, Small Scallop 1, Blastobasis 1, Grass Moth 5, Small Dotted Buff 2, Rustic 8, Common Rustic 1, Ruby Tiger 1, Browntail 1, White Satin 1, Campion 1, Heart and Dart 1, Smoky Wainscot 20, Silky Wainscot 3, Obscure Wainscot 1, Flame Shoulder 1, Buff-tip 1, Bright-line Brown-eye 1, July Highflyer 3, Acleris hastiana 1, Phoenix 4, Crassa unitella 1, Brimstone 1, Dark Arches 1, Clay 2, Drinker 1, Straw Dot 1, Wax Moth 1, Eudonia delunella 1.

197 moths of 61 species