May Mothing

   A delightful haul of 116 moths of 40 species from the traps last night at the reserve. 13 degrees celsius, cloudy and still conditions resulted in some good numbers recorded. Highlights from the evening included Eyed Hawk Moth and a new and striking micro for me in the form of a Nemophora degeerella.

Species List;

Silver Ground Carpet, Brimstone, 4 Scorched Wing, Poplar Kitten, Common White Wave, 2 Common Wave, Latticed Heath, 3 Poplar Hawk Moth, Eyed Hawk Moth, Iron Prominent, Epinotia bilunana, 9 Straw Dot, 2 Coxcomb Prominent, 2 Pebble Hook-tip, 5 Mottled Rustic, 3 Engrailed, 7 Common Swift, 3 Small Angle Shades, 4 Flame Shoulder, 9 Brown Rustic, 5 Clouded Border, 2 Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix, 13 Buff Ermine, Heart and Dart, 5 White Ermine, 2 Middle Barred Minor, The Flame, Marbled Minor agg, Light Brown Apple Moth, 4 Green Carpet, Scalloped Hazel, 4 Peppered Moth, Treble Bar, 4 Swallow Prominent, May Highflyer, Common Pug, 5 Marbled White Spot, Nemophora degeerella, Dark Swordgrass, Obscure Wainscot.




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