Mothing On A Budget (Pt.2)

   So last month I promised to return with more details about manufacturing your own moth trap and here we are. It’s not difficult, just basic skills required. Any difficulties, just comment below. We also trapped at Ladywalk on Sunday night, results below.
   Firstly then, I use a large container with a flat lid (1), that’s important as an uneven lid won’t allow the funnel to work effectively. Use a 10 inch funnel and cut most of the long bit off (2). Then make a hole in the lid using a jig or keyhole saw so the funnel fits snugly. Shape the Perspex to fit the funnel inside and notch them top and bottom so they fit together (3&4). The bulb is a screw fit E27 (5&6) so you need a ceramic or plastic fitting for this, I prefer plastic (7). Fix a small Perspex disc to the ceramic or plastic fitting (8) which protects the electrics and rests securely on top of the Perspex vanes. Wire it up with a normal 13 amp plug and away you go. I am hoping that the photos illustrate what I am trying to say 😀 You don’t need chokes or ballast (whatever that is) but in a very short time you have a moth trap that will work.
   It’s a nice little project to work on for a couple of hours and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It only uses 23 watts so its much cheaper than running a 125mv bulb and if you are a beginner or just wanting to sus out the level of your interest you won’t be disappointed.
   Finally a bonus point. Using an inverter like the one pictured (9) this light trap will run all night from a car battery. No need for a generator or the accompanying noise just a well charged car battery. All done (10).
   I take my moth trap everywhere (much to my wife’s delight) and all you need is your car battery charger. Hope this helps someone to get started. You never know what’s going to show!
Ladywalk Mothing
   Not much showed at Ladywalk this morning, a bit breezier and cooler than we thought it was going to be, resulting in only 14 moths of 7 species. Though the first hawk moth of the year was amongst them! What a stunner!
Iron Prominent 1, Clouded Border 4, May Highflyer 1, Poplar Hawk Moth 1, Pebble Prominent 1, Flame Shoulder 4, White Ermine 2.

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